5 Amazing tips to get guests to come on your podcast.

My podcast is a monologue. That can be interesting if you are an engaging host. I’ll let you be the judge of that. Still, adding guests to your show can bring a whole different atmosphere and perspective to your podcast. Guests can add comedy relief if you’re the serious type. They can add expertise if you’re tackling complicated issues. They can bring the balance to your show, or a little confrontation, by presenting an opinion or perspective different from your own. But how do you get people to come on your show when you’re just starting out?

As a freelance broadcaster and producer, I have been in the business of booking interviews throughout my career. One thing I have learned may surprise you. Guests will want to be on your podcast. Not everyone and not every time, but many people will be happy to appear on your show. It just needs to be presented to them in the proper way. Here’s some tips:

1) Research

This is the essential starting point. Know your topic and know who you wanto talk about it. Check articles on the topic you have chosen. People in the know have been quoted. Experts will have been referenced and a think tanks exist on almost every issue of interest to your audience. It is their job to raise awareness of the issue that you are highlighting in your show. Similarly there are people in the corporate world or people operating small businesses willing to share their knowledge in return for a plug.

2) Expert Directories

There are many directories of specific or different topics offering names of experts willing to do media interviews. This is because they are willing to promote themselves as experts on a given topic. Look them up and contact them. Many do not get asked to do media as often as you might think so they will often be open to your invitation.

3) Publishers

Well- known writers can be reached through their publishers via a well written email. But be aware, there are also a whole lot of publications being published online, self published and through smaller publishers. These wirters may be more anxious to get publicity. Guesting on your podcast, especially if it interests the same demographic you are reaching in your podcast makes guesting well worth their time.

4) Social Media

Facebook groups dealing with topics you want to cover on yours show, along with Twitter handles and Instagram profiles will be an endless supply of potential hosts. Just get in touch through a message, telling them why they have been chosen to be a guest (flattery will get you everywhere) and what being on their show could do for them.

5) Networking

This can involve anything from attending trade shows or university seminars. Meet interesting people in the flesh and take the opportunity to give them a card with your web address on it. That gives them a chance to get to know you. Then later, you can approach them in a way that doesn’t seem like a cold call.

Try these methods and let me know how they work. Email me at info@podcasterwarehouse.com and I’ll let you know more about how to write to potential guests including an email template!

Happy podding.

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